Tel: 0191 4190321

Tel: 0191 4190321

Controlled Demolition Services

Concrete Crunching equipment, Hydraulic bursting, Chemical splitting agents, and Thermic Lances are be used in conjunction with diamond drilling and cutting services to carry out a wide variety of controlled demolition contracts.

Crunching machine


We operate manual and machine mounted concrete crunching equipment. The jaws of the cruncher are manoeuvred around the section of concrete to be removed the unit is then operated by a remote push button. This method is devoid of fumes, dust or water and is again suited to occupied premises.

Chemical bursting results

Chemical Bursting

Chemical bursting is used for the destruction of large sections of concrete. A predetermined number of holes are drilled to a specific layout depending on the desired size of the material to be removed. The chemical is then poured into the holes causing fracture. There is little noise dust or vibration, using this method. The bust sections can be removed from the working area. This method is suited to areas of poor access.


Similar to the above but hydraulic bursting units are placed in the holes, which cause the fracture.