Tel: 0191 4190321

Tel: 0191 4190321

What We Do

A leading specialist in the field of diamond drilling and cutting, airport grooving and controlled demolition. Experience is Lloyd Drilling's "core" asset. The business was established in 1977 with average length of service of the Lloyd Drilling operatives is over 15 years.

Based in the North East of England. We operate throughout Northern England and Scotland on drilling/cutting/demolition projects, and globally for our grooving operations. Utilising the latest technology, our experienced and fully trained teams undertake projects ranging in size from a single hole to complete programmes of demolition.

Lloyd Drilling Operatives are provided with the necessary equipment to be completely self-sufficient, to alleviate problems when there are no other site services. We are willing to act as a main contractor /co-ordinator on your behalf arranging scaffolding and other site services.

Bridge deck being drilled

Diamond Drilling & Cutting

Diamond drilling is an efficient method used to cut holes from 8mm diameter to 1000mm through heavily reinforced walls, floors, and soffits to provide openings for pockets, pipes, and other services. Diamond Cutting (floor, hand-held, wall) is the most precise method for cutting openings in concrete.

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Grooving a runway

Airport & Motorway Grooving

Airport and Motorway Grooving - used to increase surface adhesion and prevent aeroplanes and vehicles aquaplaning on runways and motorways.

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Demolishing a bridge

Controlled Demolition

Concrete Crunching equipment, Hydraulic bursting, Chemical splitting agents are all used in conjunction with diamond drilling and cutting services to carry out a wide variety of controlled demolition contracts.

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There are many cases when the customer requires bespoke/specialist work and Lloyd Drilling are always willing to undertake special projects. We have our own workshops and we work in partnership with approved suppliers to produce, pipe, jigs, brackets, steelwork, resins, and under-floor cables etc. We will adapt equipment for your particular requirement. Should you require any of the above services simply state your requirement and be assured that the work will be completed speedily and efficiently.