Tel: 0191 4190321

Tel: 0191 4190321

Diamond Drilling & Sawing Services

Diamond drilling is an efficient method used to cut holes from 8mm diameter to 1000mm through heavily reinforced walls, floors, and soffits to provide openings for pockets, pipes, and other services. Diamond Cutting (floor, hand-held, wall) is the most precise method for cutting openings in concrete.

Cutting a new doorway

Diamond Drilling

Accurate holes with little or no spalling. With virtually no noise dust or vibration, and at any angle. Diamond Drilled holes up to 1000mm in diameter can be cored to a significant depth through heavily reinforced walls, floors, and soffits to provide openings for pockets, pipes, and other services. Line or "stitch" drilling (interlocking holes) can be used to remove areas of mass reinforced concrete especially practical in the vicinity of delicate machinery or in occupied buildings, hospitals etc. Test Cores taken and compressive and chemical test reports supplied.

Rotary Percussive Drilling

On occasions a faster, more cost effective and practical method of drilling especially for small diameter holes where there is no reinforcing and where noise dust and vibration will not cause problems.

Using a floorsaw

Floor Sawing

Conventional diamond sawcutting using diesel or 3 phase electrically powered machines to cut through horizontal floors, roads, pavements, airports, bridges and concrete slabs to a depth of up to 500mm. Often used to remove or isolate sections of existing structures to form escalator openings or new staircases, in industrial situations, to provide access for a new production line or a new machine base. We can also undertake complete packages of work, i.e. providing service ducts in floor slabs, where we use electrically powered floor saws to cut and remove sections of concrete then excavate to required depth before reinstating to the required profiles. This type of work can be carried out with minimum disruption.

Wall Sawing

Track mounted wall sawing through all construction materials up to 500mm. deep using pneumatic or hydraulic motors powered by diesel or electric power pack. Used to form new openings for doors or windows, also used in areas with constricted access to form openings through floors.

A wiresaw in action

Wire Sawing

The most intricate and awkward of cutting applications. Noise levels can be readily controlled within acceptable limits and concrete surgery can be undertaken without detriment to others working in the immediate area. The wire is water-cooled which eliminates flying particles and loose dust and the cut sections can simply be lifted from site without breaking up. The wire saw is powered by a remote diesel or three phase electric power pack. It is quiet and virtually vibration free. Minimal “making good” is required as the surface finish is virtually fair faced. The wire can be arranged to cut vertically, horizontally or at any angle. The line of cut can be almost flush to foundations, walls or soffits and the depth of cut is unlimited within reason.

Specialist Services

  • Ankerbonding - The Ankerbonder system claims to yield a bond load of up to ten times that of conventional systems. Employing vibratory, air-driven pistons, tungsten carbide tipped, the Ankerbonder head is inserted into the diamond drilled hole and rotated slowly. This operation undercuts grooves into the wall of the hole and the resin or other bonding material, fills the grooves, providing a positive mechanical key to the existing material to ensure the maximum pull out strength is achieved.
  • Bolt Fixing - All manufacturers fixing products are supplied and fixed.